Artop won the 2019 German Red Dot Award once again.

The other day, according to the administrative measures on the recognition of high-tech enterprises issued by the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation, Shanghai langjian industrial design co., ltd. was listed as one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises to…

fight against coronavirus, D+M industrial design town in action

2020年1月29日疫情期间,D+M工业设计小镇向疫区捐款和口罩、防护服、手套、酒精等各种抗疫物资。小镇同事还承担了物资保管、转运,同济医院医务人员的免费接送等服务。集团全体员工都在为抗疫贡献着力所能及的努力付出。 抗击新型肺炎疫情,D+M工业设计小镇在行动

Nursing Home Care, Love in Action

浪尖集团深圳总部员工代表团走进“任达山庄”养老院,带着对老人深切的挂念,开展以“情暖养老院,爱心公益行”的爱心慰问,同老人话家常,并为老人们带去了精心准备的生活用品物资。 情暖养老院,爱心公益行

Foshan Chancheng Cup of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Foshan creative brand activities. Supported by the government, many universities and leading companies in related industries participate together to jointly create an innovative strategy resource platform that integrates the creative training of university students and the output of the project's commercial value, adding innovative power to the Guangdong industrial chain,…

Cross-border Integration Future Life Center

Focusing on the theme of "Design Promotes Intelligent Manufacturing", it focuses on the practical application of design innovation in the industrial chain and the new application of "technology + extensive household" in life. Cross-border Integration Future Life Center
Artop Academy

Nothing is small, knowing and doing are one

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